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11-11-11 Wedding Frenzy

Posted November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day to everyone! Today will also be celebrated by many because of a different reason. Weddings are breaking out all across the world to be held on this special date of 11-11-11. An estimated 57,000 couples are getting married today! WOW!
Many people believe this to be a lucky date. Typically, people make wishes when the clock hits 11:11 because it is supposed to make your wish come true. Therefore, many people believe getting married today will bring them luck in their marriage. Additionally, I assume people wanted this wedding date because of the uniqueness. This date only comes around once a century; so many couples snagged it while it was available. I really wonder how long ago people had to book this date…maybe even years ago! It just so happened that this date fell on a Friday, and Friday weddings are becoming more and more popular.
I’ve thought of a few other reasons as to why this date had a booking frenzy. First, it is a big no-no to forget an anniversary. How easy is 11-11 to remember? A more in depth approach is seeing it as a whole bunch of number 1’s. When you get married you become 1, right? However you look at it, it is certainly a day full of love today on 11-11-11.
We here at Confections are always surrounded by weddings. Whether it be showers, announcements, save the dates or wedding invitations, we are always prepared to make our brides have a special day. All our invitations are printed on bright white heavy cardstock and measure 5.5” x 8.5”.  Please remember we can customize this invitation for any event!  
This elegant ornate frame with purple and blue is a sophisticated way to invite your guests out.