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Color, Color Everywhere!

Posted March 28, 2011

I love color.  Color in my clothes, my house and of course in my designs.  When I was a kid one of my favorite things to do was get a brand new package of markers, any kind would do.  Didn't matter to me if it was Sharpies, Crayola if it had 5 or 50...they were new markers and they were all mine.  Apparently this trait is hereditary because all of my kids (and there are three of them) have the same penchant for new markers that I did.  Now fast foward 20 or so years and my new love is Pantone colors.  Every season I wait to see what Pantone will do, what colors will be in and what ones have gone by the wayside.  To me it is akin to getting a new pack of markers.  I can spend what is an enormous amount of time pouring over color predictions.  But I have an excuse, a legitimate reason for this....our designs speak to the color trends that are hot so I have to know what is going on.  My husband has been known to roll his eyes when I start yet another conversation about the merits of honeysuckle pink vs rosebloom pink.  I just calmly explain that these things matter, ok well they matter to those of us who love color.

This season the hot color is honeysuckle which a gorgeous rich pink.  Not too pinky, not too bright but just that perfect combination that makes anything come to life.  I got to take that color into our designs for Spring, and especially in our new personalized pillow cases.  What color will Pantone pick next as the hot new color?  I am not sure, but I cannot wait to find out.