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Font Advice from Confections by Shara's Paperie

Posted February 10, 2012

An important aspect of invitations, designs, logos, advertisements and so many other things is the selection of fonts! This is something we have never touched on, but we use everyday here in the studio. So, finally, coming at you now is a blog about fonts. At the beginning of each year we treat ourselves to new fonts and it is always an exciting time! We are here now to offer some advice about choosing and using fonts.
First, don’t think you have to be safe! Try using a few different fonts in the same document. Fonts can complement each other nicely and allow for the piece to be more interesting. The size of the fonts can also be different. Both of these design aspects make for more eye catching and pleasing pieces.
One thing to be careful of when selecting a font is to make sure the font matched the occasion. If you’re having a fun birthday party that’s going to involve a petting zoo in your backyard and clowns, then you don’t want to go with a fancy, cursive font. This is typically obvious, but we had to say it. If you really want to put emphasis on a word or sentence, then bold or italicize it.
The best thing about creativity is you have plenty of room to play with it. If something isn’t working for you, then you can keep playing around with it and moving fonts until you are satisfied.
Have fun with it and try something new! 

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