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Hostess Gift Help Is Here!

Posted November 18, 2011


I am a terrible cook, and I have to admit that I always have been.  So when I opened the business years ago cooking duties got transferred to my husband...much to everyone's great relief.  But what I lack in cooking skills I make up in (at least I like to think I make up in) gift giving skills.  Which considering what I do for a living is a good thing.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner the gift giving is really about to shift into high gear.  Besides the Christmas and Hannukah gifts there are office party gifts, hostess gifts, babysitter and mailman gifts. Where to start?  I have a check list to help kick start the process.
1. What is the amount of money that you want to spend on each gift?
2. What gifts need to be ordered?  Such as personalized gifts....
3. Do you know colors that the receiver of the gift likes that you can use to help guide you on choosing the gift?
4. Think about what the receiver could use as a gift. For example, are they very organized and like things that help them stay that way?
5. Is the receiver someone who likes practical gifts, something that they can get a lot of use out of or do they enjoy gifts that are just for fun?
These are just some guide lines to keep in mind when shopping this season.  Now of course we have some fabulous gift ideas available here.  Have added some pics of our favorites.
A Black and White Personalized Cutting Board...fab and functional
personalized cutting board, monogrammed cutting board
Personalized iPhone Case...great protection for your iPhone
personalized iPhone case, monogrammed iPhone case, custom phone case
Personalized Sticky Note Cube...Note Cube is Good, a Sticky Note Cube is Better
personalized sticky note cube, monogrammed note cube, custom note cube